Victoria series 3


The critically-acclaimed historical drama Victoria returned for a third series in 2019 with Jenna Coleman reprising her role as the young Queen, alongside Tom Hughes as Prince Albert. Starting in 1848, the third instalment of the lavish drama depicts a turbulent and uncertain time for both Europe and the monarchy. With revolutions on the continent and the Chartist movement reaching its peak in London, Victoria is under pressure from the government to leave London for her own safety.

What The Flying Colour Company was asked to do

For the third series of Victoria TFCC was asked to complete all of the VFX work and also the on-set VFX supervision.

How we did it

One of the main challenges was to build various 3D assets including both Buckingham Palace and Crystal Palace. However, as the production team were keen to move away from CGI, we built photo realistic assets that could be used across the series.

In addition to this, there were many background replacements and environment changes as well as cleaning up modern day street and property clutter to return them to their former Victorian appearance.

“We are delighted to have worked once again with The Flying Colour Company, this time completing visual effects on the new series of Victoria. The team worked hard to create some very complex new assets and supported us with regular on-set supervision throughout production. We love working with Flying Colour and we would recommend their work!”

Howard Ella, Mammoth Screen