Tin Star series 2


Tin Star tells the story of Jim Worth, an ex-Metropolitan police detective played by Tim Roth, who has moved with his family to the Rocky Mountains to start a new life as a local police chief in an idyllic rural community. Season two picks up where we left Jim, cut off in the remote Rockies wilderness with his grieving and shell-shocked family struggling to come to terms with their ordeal. Seeking refuge from her own parents, Anna is taken in by the God-fearing Nickel family, headed up by Pastor Johan (John Lynch) his wife Sarah (Anamaria Marinca) and daughter Rosa (Jenessa Grant), and hidden with the Ammonites – a religious community close to Little Big Bear.

What The Flying Colour Company was asked to do

Having worked on series one, TFCC was asked to return the sequel, working on the entire second season. We provided all on-set supervision as well as the VFX.

How we did it

TFCC completed a total of 540 shots for the series. The work included background and environment changes, explosions, fires, gunfight sequences and advanced areal moves/shots. Additions included weather elements such as falling snow as well as creature enhancements.