The Split series 2


Set in the fast-paced, messy world of London’s high-end divorce circuit, The Split is an authentic, multi-layered, witty examination of modern marriage and the legacy of divorce. Exploring the often complex realities that bind families together, and tear them apart, the series follows the three Defoe sisters and their formidable mother. series two sees Hannah trying to navigate her relationship with husband Nathan and recover from his infidelity, while also embarking on her own passionate affair with Christie.

What TFCC was asked to do

TFCC was asked to provide all the VFX for the second series. A vast majority of the work consisted of background replacements and enhancements to the Holborn-based family office.

How we did it

Working with the production team, we took photographic elements of various skylines in London, mapped them and combined these to create a panoramic view from the office windows. This meant we could photo- realistically and consistently apply the desired look of the London exterior to all angles of the office. We also carried out various other clean up work including signage removals and replacements.