A professional cellist, Matilda Gray, has her world turned upside down after she witnesses the gruesome death of her mother. Determined, she vows to uncover what actually happened. On her journey, she discovers a connection between her mother’s death and a disappearance of a young girl called Carys. Matilda is faced with a mysterious supernatural force that she has to fight to find out the truth.

What The Flying Colour Company was asked to do

Attend recces, provide on-set supervision for key scenes and complete all 170 principle VFX shots for the six episodes in Kris Mrksa’s eerie creation for New Pictures.

How we did it

The TFCC team attended recces and provided on-set supervision for key elements including the angel scenes and the climactic mine shaft scene where Matilda finds herself in the final episode. These key scenes were supervised by Jaime Leonard and Dominic Thomson.

TFCC managing director Simon Wilkinson says: “We worked very closely with producer Sue Breen and director Mahalia Belo to develop the ethereal evil angel spirits that suddenly appear in the mirror reflections throughout the series. The movement, textures, effects, colours, and expressions of these spirits were key to the early discussions where we delivered concepts and look development. These helped to establish the builds of the angel spirits that would be solely achieved using Flame.”

During production, TFCC also worked closely with Breen and Belo in multiple review sessions. This saw VFX artists Fabio Vona and Dom Thomson worked symbiotically with Belo to achieve the right spirit effect in each individual shot in the series.

Other key shots included: beauty work (de-ageing) for flashback scenes; the trap door shots; compositing moons; multiple forest extensions; and assisting with many eerie moments.

All work was completed using Flame.