The Missing

Show synopsis:

Exploring the emotional fallout of a child’s abduction not only on the family but on the wider community, this gripping relationship thriller is told over two time frames and two countries. Stars James Nesbett.

What The Flying Colour Company were asked to do:

Seamlessly provide all VFX and online for a primetime eight part drama shot in many locations across different periods in time.

How we did it:

The Flying Colour Company’s creative director Dominic Thomson provided onset VFX supervision in Belgium, overseeing key sequences as well as shooting some elements. He then used Flame and Smoke to create set and sky replacements and to create and add falling as well as laid snow and rain elements, shadows and reflections. Local Belgian signs, vehicles and posters were changed to French equivalents.

Other tasks included prosthetic enhancements, gun shots, removing motion from characters, enhancing sets with elements such as barbed wire and creating breath to emulate cold conditions. Various paint outs were also completed ranging from people to yachts.

The job called for the numerous multi-layered complex composites for key scenes.

What the papers said:

The Flying Colour Company’s ability to read a script, interpret a brief and provide highly creative scenes within tight deadlines was fantastic. They are also an incredibly easy team to work with and great fun.”

Producer Chris Clough and Director Tom Shankland