The Driver

Show synopsis:

Vince McKee’s life is turned upside down when he agrees to drive for a criminal gang.

What The Flying Colour Company were asked to do:

Provide the online, visual effects and title sequence.

How we did it:

Dominic Thomson and Simon Wilkinson provided full post-production project management from start to finish. Dominic and Jaime Leonard completed the conform and online for both the domestic and international masters. Dominic also completed the title sequence and all of the VFX work, including painting out signage, enhancing a scene with the twin brothers (both played by Ian Hart), adding and creating working dashboard instruments, enhancing a crash scene and adding many mobile phone inserts.

We had an exceptionally good experience working with the TFCC team on The Driver. Their focus, skill and commitment allowed director Jamie Payne, editor Oral Ottey, DoP David Luther and the producers to focus purely on the creative aspects of the show. And it was all done with good humour and a smile.

Producer Jolyon Symonds