Cleaning Up


Moving, funny and surprising, this characterful ratings-winning drama stars BAFTA winner Sheridan Smith as a down-on-her-luck office cleaner lured into the high-risk world of insider trading. Sam works every night in London’s financial centre, dreaming of a better life for her and her kids. But, with a gambling addiction and spiralling debts, she’s going under. Then she overhears an illegal trade being made. If used correctly, this lucrative stock market information could be the break she needs, but how far will she go to turn her fortunes around? Its UK debut achieved an impressive 8.5m viewers, winning its primetime slot.

What did The Flying Colour Company do?

TFCC asked to create and deliver all the VFX work and on set VFX supervision for this series, including the animated digital stock exchange signs, alteration of signage to multiple city building, various screen inserts, as well as green screen and sky replacement. A key task involved the compositing, animating and lighting of a 3D coin toss.